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Child’s Play: Wooden Toys

by Violet March 5, 2013

Over the years, despite the advances of technology, wooden toys have never gone out of style. These days, they are enjoying an increased popularity as parents look for eco-friendly, sustainable playthings. From puzzles to blocks to pull toys, these creations will inspire your child’s imagination through hours of creative fun. Child’s Play: Wooden Toys Who […]

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The Elephant In The Room

by Violet December 17, 2012

While there hasn’t been much to smile about in these recent dark days, I did find one thing that gave me a flicker of warmth and happiness. Here in Portland, our zoo has a brand new baby elephant named Lily. Barely 2 weeks old, she made her public debut this weekend. (One person who saw […]

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Plush Creations: Something To Love

by Violet December 12, 2012

There are so many plush creations available on Etsy just waiting to become a part of your family. While all of them are soft and huggable, now and then you find one with a personality that shines through. Skeptical that a collection of fabric can exude emotion? See if the ones in today’s exhibit don’t […]

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Nuts About Acorns

by Violet October 30, 2012

What is fall without acorns? As kids we used to collect piles of them to build with (and throw at each other). As adults, we love to decorate our homes with them. In today’s exhibit, you’ll find traditional choices as well as surprising creations. Nuts about acorns? Come join us! Nuts About Acorns Apple n […]

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Into The Wide Universe

by Violet August 8, 2012

Wasn’t the Mars landing SO exciting? I found it absolutely captivating and loved following along on Twitter as everyone cheered and reacted at the same time. (Yes, I’m looking at you NBC Olympics coverage.) In honor of the never-ending possibility and genuine inspiration of space exploration, today’s exhibit takes us into the wide universe. Into […]

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