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Daffodils (Vol. Five)

by Violet March 27, 2013

Some people mark the turning of the year with a birthday or a New Year’s Eve celebration. For me, I anchor myself in time when I look outside and see the daffodils blooming in my backyard. While the months of rainy weather may continue on unchecked, this flash of gold in a grey world gives […]

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Shamrock Showcase

by Violet March 13, 2013

I’m a Jew with Eastern European roots married to an Indian Hindu. We could not be further from Irish if we tried. But does that stop my mother from cooking corned beef and cabbage each St. Patrick’s Day? Of course not! Let’s get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday with a showcase of shamrocks. […]

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Just My Cup Of Tea

by Violet January 31, 2013

I’ve found myself on a tea kick lately, possibly fueled by all the BBC America (::::cough Doctor Who cough::::) I’ve been watching. While I’ve put together a tea themed exhibit before, this one focuses on the lovely lines of the tea cup itself. Just My Cup Of Tea Shop on Sherman has a great selection […]

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Spinning In Spirals

by Violet January 23, 2013

What makes a spiral so appealing? Is it the constant motion seemingly contained in a static item? The idea of a continuous path that may twist out of sight but always keeps you close? Curled inward like a hug, while reaching out to the beyond. (If that isn’t raising children in a nutshell, I don’t […]

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Going To The Dogs

by Violet January 3, 2013

Well, this isn’t at all what I’d intended. I’d started out with the idea of doing an exhibit of gifts for pet lovers, (which is totally a good idea). In Stalking for that, I found myself adding piece after piece of dog themed art into my favorites and this exhibit took on a life of […]

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