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Handmade Baby: On The Go!

by Violet March 19, 2013

One thing is for sure about babies: they need a lot of stuff. Sometimes just running errands with a baby in tow feels like a major military exercise. Today’s exhibit features some clever, stylish ways to streamline the process of being on the go with your little one. Handmade Baby: On The Go! How many […]

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Solo Exhibit & Giveaway: Evergreen

by Violet March 11, 2013

Update: Our winner is #50, Jeanne! Big thanks to John and Jessica for this giveaway! A commitment to simple, eco-friendly purity is evident in everything you see in today’s featured shop. From the shop name to the unadorned packaging to the straightforward photos, you know that a product from Evergreen will be something you can […]

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Travel With Ease

by Violet January 9, 2013

I’ve done a lot of flying these past few months and while the destinations are worth it, the travel itself leaves a lot to be desired. Until teleportation or personal jet packs come around, we’re left finding ways to help pass the miles a bit more easily and comfortably. Travel With Ease For me, a […]

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Artisan Nail Polish

by Violet December 20, 2012

A friend of mine asked if Etsy Stalker had ever done a nail polish exhibit. I glanced down at my woefully bare nails and admitted that we hadn’t. She rattled off names of her favorite sellers and now I feel like a whole new sparkly world has opened up for me! Prepare to be dazzled […]

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Etsy For Him

by Violet November 28, 2012

Shopping on Etsy for women is easy…it’s like wading knee deep in shiny, sparkly jewels. It can take a little more effort to include men in the handmade movement, but just a bit of searching turns up any number of meaningful gifts for the men in your life. Etsy For Him Here in the Pacific […]

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