When online stalking is a good thing!


About Etsy Stalker

Welcome to Etsy Stalker, an online “museum” bringing you the best of Etsy’s handmade creations and vintage goods. My name is Violet and I am the head curator here.

Etsy Stalker grew out of the belief that there are two kinds of people necessary in the arts. First, there are the artists, those who create lasting works that make us take in that deep inhale of breath. Next, there are those of us who appreciate the arts, who want to promote and help professional artists in their life’s passions; Violet falls distinctly into the second category!

Etsy Stalker was created as a place to highlight Etsy sellers through interviews and profiles, and share with other lovers of handmade and vintage some of our favorite Etsy finds. Please contact me (violet {at} etsystalker {dot} com) if you are an Etsy seller and would like your work to be considered for this online crafter’s museum. If you are a lover and stalker of Etsy, I’d love for you to send me some of your favorite finds and purchases as well!

A little history of Etsy Stalker…

Between Christmas and New Year’s of 2008, our beloved Curator Beatrice started Etsy Stalker as a place to showcase the wonderful things she was finding on Etsy (and possibly to justify the number of hours she was spending there!) She brought me (Violet) on board in the spring of 2009 and we worked together for just over a year. In June 2010, Beatrice went off to her full time dream job and I took a deep breath and decided to keep Etsy Stalker going on my own. I love having this little piece of the internet to play on, but without all of YOU–the artists, the sellers, the commenters, the readers, the link sharers–Etsy Stalker wouldn’t be possible.

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