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Going To The Dogs

by Violet on January 3, 2013

Well, this isn’t at all what I’d intended. I’d started out with the idea of doing an exhibit of gifts for pet lovers, (which is totally a good idea). In Stalking for that, I found myself adding piece after piece of dog themed art into my favorites and this exhibit took on a life of its own. These pieces bring me as much humor, joy, and delight as my own little dog does.

Going To The Dogs

What better way to learn the alphabet than with a dog breed for every letter? Just look at all those adorable furry faces waiting to keep your little one company. Available from Neiko Art.

dog breed alphabet print

I can’t tell you how long I spent trying to choose a single item to feature from Tiny Confessions. Each one is an original painting of a dog, cat, or other creature accompanied by its own secret admission. Hilarious and oh so true!

shih tzu print

The lines may be simple, but the energy is unmistakable. Depicting a trio of dogs at the park, this three color screen print by Sara Lee Parker, is currently on sale.

Dogs in the Park

Hello Sprout’s original ink drawings are available as cards, prints, and more. This birthday card is equally good for dogs or humans. (You do celebrate your dog’s birthday, right?)

dog park birthday card

Part of AEM Gallery’s Doggone Famous collection, this clever piece recreates Seurat’s famous painting using dogs. I get quite the kick out of the dignified look on the dog’s faces.

sunday afternoon at the grand dog park

Brian Rubenacker paints dogs (often Boston Terriers and Pugs) in all sorts of delightful settings, including an entire series of Jedi dogs. I couldn’t resist this Dachshund using the force on a treat jar.

dachshund jedi

Finally, Todd Young is a self-taught artist painting in a charming folk art style. Entitled Counting Sheep, this one portrays a Wheaten Terrier family sharing a magical moment under the moon.

counting sheep print

Happy Stalking!

Curator V.

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