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Handmade Garden: Art

by Violet on May 24, 2012

Garden art allows you to add year round color, height, whimsy, and a distinct aesthetic to your piece of nature, whether it consists of a few pots on a balcony or an extensive flower garden. Metal, glass, and ceramics all take on new life when designed to interact with the great outdoors.

Handmade Garden: Art

You won’t need a green thumb to ensure bright blooms in your yard as long as you have Toriart’s funky ceramic abstract flowers. They come in a set of three and you can choose the colors you prefer.

Katie Did It is filled with gorgeous 3-dimensional stained glass for use inside or out. I love the design of this one that allows the turquoise lotus blossom to spin within the wire frame. The addition of a crystal prism will fill the area with color.

Sure, they’ll help you keep track of your plantings, but they’ll also add beautiful, glowing color to your yard. Fade resistant with fired-in liquid gold lettering, Ronnie Costa will make them with custom wording for you.

Meet Speedy Snail! This sculpture has been made from found objects including a brake rotor, valve rockers, old tools, and blue marbles. He’s part of Swimmin’ Wit Da Fishes Garden Guardian’s series.

The stained glass art stakes from Bello Glass remind me of bubbles rising into the air. The hand cut textured and transparent glass sits in a brass frame to guard against rust. At only $35 each, consider a cluster of them for an eye-catching display.

A mandarin orange glass “tigger tail” clutches a cobalt blue garden ball in this whimsical piece. The flowing, organic shapes would be lovely in any garden as the glass will sparkles in the sunlight. Available from Ali’s Glass Designs.

Crafted from aluminum and steel, Improbable Construct’s kinetic sculpture will dance in the slightest breeze. Attach it to a balcony, fence, or set it directly into the ground.

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