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Solo Exhibit & Giveaway: Shadow Jewels!

by Violet on May 14, 2012

Update: Our winner is #13, Veronika! Thank you to Rhonda for being a part of Etsy Stalker.

I’ve had this piece in my favorites for ages. Sweet gemstone flowers, skillful wire work, a lovely old-fashioned feel…the entire pendant is a well-thought out piece of art. After going back to it for the umpteenth time, I finally got smart and asked its creator, Rhonda of Shadow Jewels, to do a Solo Exhibit.

Like any woman, Rhonda is captivated by a whole host of things and her resulting designs defy simple categorization. She loves to repurpose vintage finds: The focal point of this necklace is an old chandelier crystal hanging from a vintage nouveau style brass vine centerpiece. Additional Swarovski crystals add sparkle to an elegant piece.

Because Rhonda finds inspiration in so many materials–everything from gemstones to crystals to rhinestones to glass–her offerings fit every price range. These earrings feature vintage West German glass beads from the 1950’s. Priced at only $15, they drip with romance and shine.

Inspired by the winter sky at sunset on the solstice, spinel rondelles range from palest cotton candy to rose to plum creating an ombre effect. Swirling tourmalinated quartz teardrops finish it off with drama and mystery.

Whatever her inspiration, Rhonda’s pieces are decidedly feminine. One of a number of shabby chic pieces in her shop, I love the mixture of honeysuckle she’s used in this Pink Sugar bracelet. The variety of textures and finishes keep it sweet without crossing over into syrupy.

Curator V: How did you get your start making jewelry?

Well, about 12 years ago, I got a new computer. Once I got online, unfortunately I discovered cybershopping. That was when my passion for vintage jewelry began. I started collecting Victorian jewelry, but that was frustrating for me because the pieces I really wanted were too expensive. Then one day I bought a necklace with a broken clasp~ a bargain! And decided to learn how to fix it. When I found you could buy vintage beads and jewelry parts online, that was the end of my normal life. Zowie! ‘This will be much cheaper’, I thought. Sure! Now I have a whole room full of the stuff. It has not been cheaper than buying the Victorian jewelry, but it sure has been more fun.

Curator V: You’ve been on Etsy since 2008. What made you decide to join then? What changes have you seen there over the past 4 years?

At that time, I was selling on another venue that catered more to the vintage shops. When I found Etsy, it just seemed like a perfect fit to me. I admire their commitment to supporting the handmade community. I am inspired every day by the creative people I meet there.
Etsy has grown tremendously, and there have been many positive changes since then. My favorites are the shop stats, and the changes to teams, and the treasury. I also love the new Discover feature on the home page.

I believe we are now entering the times that will be the true test of Etsy. As the site becomes more successful, the big resellers are more and more attracted to selling there. Will Etsy take a firm stand against them and protect the handmade marketplace? We shall see.

Curator V: Your design style is always beautiful, but nearly impossible to categorize. Is that intentional?

Yes, I suppose it is. My tastes are not limited to one certain look or style. To make exactly the same kind of thing day after day is just so tedious to me. The truth is, I make what I like, and that is somewhat eclectic. I am not a factory, after all.

Curator V: How would you describe the woman you design for?

My customers are independent, free thinkers, who love the art in beautiful jewelry, and care about buying treasures that are made with love and not mass produced.

Curator V: What can we expect from Shadow Jewels in the future?

I am working on some designs for more wire wrapped gemstone earrings and pendants. Coming soon!

Our giveaway is bound to have you buzzing! This necklace features a vintage brass honeybee adorned with vintage topaz and cream glass beads. To enter, visit Shadow Jewels then come back here and leave a comment with your favorite item. One winner to be chosen at random next Sunday, May 20th.

(Reading this via a feed? Here’s a direct link to the giveaway.)

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