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Chanukah O Hanukkah, Why Are You So Early?

by Violet on November 30, 2010

If, like Violet, you are of the Jewish persuasion, then you know that Chanukah is early this year. Like, WAY early. Like, STARTS TOMORROW early. With the holiday riding on Thanksgiving’s coat tails, it’s easy to get behind in your shopping and preparation. The nice thing about Hanukkah is that it lasts a week, so basically you get a built in grace period. Tell your family you’re saving the best gifts for the end of Chanukkah, and VOILA! You’ve bought yourself some shopping time. (Have I blown your mind with all the spellings? We’ll stick with “Chanukah” from now on.)

Chanukah O Hanukkah, Why Are You So Early?

Send cheerful Chanukah greetings with this set of 10 bright, graphic cards. Polka Stripe Studio can customize them to make them more personal.

Eli the Elephant stars in a number of Skribbly Kids’ designs. As he’s half Jewish, half Christian, and half Elephantish, he gets to celebrate a lot of holidays! Here he is ready to light the menorah.

A Passion For Fashion has seven great Chanukah designs to choose from. Each scrabble tile pendant includes a chain and comes in a gift tin ready for giving.

Pretty enough to display and perfect for serving latkes, this personalized, hand painted ceramic plate would make a terrific hostess gift! Creations de Florence also offers a round glass version.

Why did Pterodactyl Pants make a set of 4 Chanukah plush monsters, each bearing one of the Hebrew letters of the dreidel? I have no idea. But aren’t you glad she did? These are available individually at the Plush TeamEtsy shop.

I know a little girl who would adore this hand stamped sterling silver Peace Love Judaism pendant. Jewish Girl Designs added a swarovski crystal for an extra bit of sparkle!

Did I mention Chanukah is early this year? For a truly last minute need, you can print out these cupcake wrapper and topper set. Just print, cut, and assemble! Paper Scissors Cake also suggests using the designs for cards, banners, gift tags and labels or printing them onto transfer paper and ironing them onto fabric, totes, tees or napkins.

This gorgeous bronze Tree of Life menorah was inspired by the African Acacia tree. Hand made by Scott Nelles in his studio/foundry in Elk Rapids, Michigan, this is one Chanukah decoration you could leave out all year round.

Chag Sameach!
Curator V.

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