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Lockets: Open Up To Love

by Violet on July 20, 2009

Is there anything more romantic than a locket?  Sure, now we can carry pictures and videos on our phones and ipods, but imagine when all you had was a tiny likeness of a loved one to keep on a chain, close to your heart.  To put a picture in a locket is to say I pick you over all others to occupy this special space.   Please join me as I open up this exhibit of  lockets spanning more than a century.

Lockets: Open Up To Love

Mourning lockets hit the height of popularity during the Victorian era.  Generally black, they contained a picture or a lock of hair  to memorialize a lost loved one.  Wicked Darling has a somber and lovely circa 1860s example.

StellarLight Designs updated an antique brass locket with turquoise blue accents.  Look closely and you’ll see the locket is book-shaped and hinges open along the spine.

If you don’t have a special someone, there’s no need to excuse yourself from locket wearing.  Infinitales places her original artwork inside a  brass filigree locket.  Violet thinks this one with a sweet baby seed snoozing would be a great gift for a pregnant friend!

Dana Marie Art entitled this lovely piece Finding Yourself.  Her miniature handpainted acrylic dragonfly scene is carefully encased in a glass locket pendant.  Wearable art, indeed!

Urban Rose has a huge selection of altered art photo lockets.  She affixes the semi-transparent imagery directly onto a brass locket letting the basket weave texture shine through.  This gorgeous one is called Summertime Tree.  The fading light evokes the melancholy feel that the end of summer brings.

Violet is  tickled by this steampunk  offering.  The Mechanical Time Propeller (the propeller actually spins!) locket is enhanced with offset watch gears.  The barbed leather cord is a perfect accent.  Well done, COGnitive Creations!

This next piece is the result of a beautiful collaboration.  Lori of Heartworks by Lori uses photographs from Irene Suchocki and creates these vivid art lockets.  Poppy chose Butterfly Garden as her favorite.

Locket2You is a husband and wife team who specialize in modern lockets.   These are hand painted with bright colors and bold, often incongruous graphics.  They are strung on black steel cable to complete the clean, modern look.  Just look at the color palette; the whole shop looks like a candy store!

Time to close up this exhibit.  Happy Stalking!

Curator V.

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