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To Market, To Market, To Buy A Fat Pig

by Violet on June 2, 2009

One of my family’s favorite summer activities is to hit the local farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.  We sample everything there is to sample.  We keep track of how many people  we know there (usually into double digits).  We pet the dogs in the doggy day care area.  The kids split a waffle as big as their heads or maybe a giant bag of hot kettle corn.  Then we do our shopping and bring home all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, and even meats and cheeses.

Now, everyone knows you need to bring your own bag to the farmer’s market.  Somehow all that local, organic goodness would be negated by using a plastic bag.  Unfortunately, the reusable bags I have tend to be the kind you buy at Trader Joe’s.  And I love these bags!  They’re sturdy and hold a ton, but they just aren’t right for the farmer’s market.    If you do a lot of pre-shopping activities like we do, you want your bag to be the perfect accessory.  Once again, Etsy holds the key!

To Market, To Market, to Buy A Fat Pig

Trisha Fern double knits her cotton bags for extra strength giving them a stretchy quality which won’t be bulky when it’s empty and will fit all your purchases.

Beatrice, why don’t you put your mad knitting skillz to good use and make me a bag?  L.Stone Designs offers a pattern to make this lightweight bag that is both sturdy and fashionable.  But I’d like mine in violet, please.

See Jane shop.  Shop, Jane, shop!  See Jane shun pesticides and become a locavore!

(And you gotta love Piper Bags slogan which is “Carry Piper not paper!”)

Nothing makes me feel more earthy (and European) than carrying a basket.   This one is made from woven reed and has an oak handle.   Shar of Baskets by Shar puts her heart and soul into these and has a hard time letting go of her handmade babies.  As she says, “Don’t be surprised if I request visitation rights if you purchase one.”

Now, it turns out there is a lot of basket making terminology with which I am not familiar.  Like flocking, lashing technique, and wooden push.  But this beautiful basket by Vine Twiner has all those things!  I can totally see myself strolling around in the sunshine browsing with this over my arm.

Some items need a little extra protection before you put them in your bag or basket.  QwertyO to the rescue with these reusable, washable mesh produce bags!

Amy Rose Berlin accentuates her produce bags with a hand printed motif.  Fittingly, the round designs were hand carved from potatoes!

Finally, we have Nurtured Threads Farmer’s Market Root Bag Series.  Made from burlap, cotton, and jute, the entire series was inspired by a bit of fabric that reminded her of an onion skin.  Violet simply can’t choose between the onion sack…

Or the beet one!

Happy Stalking!  And Marketing!

Curator V.

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